Your Pre-launch Preparations Part II

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Thank you for completing the About Your Home on-line questionnaire. 

While you took the time to complete that invaluable document, we were busy working behind the scenes on pre-market and marketing preparations for your home.

With this important step completed, we are now entering into the second part of the pre-launch phase. 

This is where our team schedules any and all inspections that apply to your home. Once we get the reports back, together as a team we strategize on the benefit of repairs, renovations, and/or remodeling from a return on investment standpoint. We always strive for maximum return on minimal investment while also considering your specific needs and budget. Once all the work has been completed then we prepare for staging and photos of your property.

This can often seem overwhelming; however, we want to remind you that we are here to help you through our process and what you can expect from us in the coming days and week(s).

Feel free to peruse the variety of resources we have available located down below.

Once that step is complete you may be asking:  what happens next? 

What Happens Next:

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Checklist For Inspections

Checklist For Showings

Checklist For Photos

Unlock the Open House Schedule

Unlock the Open House Schedule