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The Maya Hiersoux & Co. Real Estate Team in partnership with Union Home Mortgage, Allstate Insurance, and Artisan Title is proud to offer a FREE community Shredding Event.

The Maya Hiersoux & Co. Real Estate Team proudly offers a Community Shredding Event in the South Capitol neighborhood. The event will be held in the Wood Gormley Elementary School parking lot at the corner of Webber and Booth Streets (close to 141 E. Booth Street).

Customers and non-customers alike are invited to come to the Shredding Event. Don't fall victim to a senseless data breach. Manage risk curbside with mobile data destruction. It's the smart thing to do.

Documents are shredded while you wait. here is a two-box maximum unless you are pre-registered and a client of one of our sponsors. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of bringing more than 2 boxes for shredding there is an opportunity to inquire on the registration form.

Every attendee will have the chance to win one of two gift certificates: a $50 Home Depot gift card or a $50 Ace Hardware gift card through a drawing.

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