Are you thinking of buying a new custom build home?

If so, read this PRO TIP to save you $$$ so keep reading.

I was talking to a client today and they are relocating to another state.

The last home that I helped them purchase was a brand new luxury townhouse where they were able to pick their finishes and trim in realtime as the home was being build.

They loved it!

Until they got their tax bill that is….

What my client shared with me I am going to share with you because it could save you thousands of dollars.

Here is what my client said to me.

Maya, I do want a newly built home however, this time, I want the base model.

What I learned from my last home purchase is that I paid more money in every possible way.

My assessed value was figured and based upon the high-end finishes I chose.

I actually did myself a disservice by choosing the appliances, finishes and trims which we were uncharged for.

I actually paid $2,000 more in taxes each year because of that.

Lesson learned. I won’t do that again!

Instead of learning this yourself the hard way and paying unnecessary money,

learn the lesson from my client, and choose the base model to save some money while ultimately getting to DIY your home your way with your style.

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