[JUST SOLD] 38 Franciscan Way, Kensington

Success Story: A Case Study

It’s still a seller’s market.

I know it may sound cliche; however, if you have had any ideas of selling now is the time.

But honestly, don’t take my word, instead take my results as proof.

Here is a case study of what one of my client’s selling experience was like.

Here are the deets about 38 Franciscan Way:

– it was listed at $1,295,000
– it was live on the market for 9 days
– it was advertised on social media and reached* 29,300 people
– it had over 
62,211 impressions**
– the website was viewed 108 times
– it had 40 showings
– there were 3 offers (interestingly all 3 were cash offers)
– it sold for $1,906,000
– the list to sold ratio was 147%

My clients are over the moon with the results.

Don’t you want to be this happy too?

If you are thinking of selling I would be happy to share my formula for success to help you achieve similar results.

*Reach is the total number of people who see your content
**Impressions are the number of times your content is displayed and delivered to someone’s feed, no matter if it was clicked or not

For a peak at part of the magic I do and all the photos click here.

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