The Big 6 Topics

1. Pricing Advantage

We will discuss how to strategically sell your home taking advantage of todays' market.

2. Preparing Your Home

We will create a customized plan discuss the best strategy to get your home ready for the market .

3. Timing

We will strategize about the best timing for you to enter and sell in this market.

4. Moving Considerations

We will discuss what your options are before selling and moving and create a custom plan for you.

5. Our 4-Phase Process

The 4-phase plan to get the highest price possible in the lowest amount of time.

6. Your Questions

We will discuss any questions you may have.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us​

Maya Hiersoux is a very experienced and passionate professional who helped sell our home of 20+ years. For a variety of reasons, we chose to sell off-market and Maya was instrumental in navigating the complexities of our unique situation. Her negotiating skills and her expertise ultimately made the deal go through at a price both parties were happy with. Maya’s ability to handle many things at once, her listening skills, and her success in establishing a good relationship with the Buyer’s Agent ultimately lead to a smooth and relatively stress-free sale. Additionally, Maya was always terrific at communicating and was extremely prompt at returning my calls and responding to all my questions in a timely manner. Overall, Maya’s success in getting me the price that I wanted with the terms that I wanted was due to her process-driven approach and her professionalism. I would gladly recommend working with Maya to sell your home.
Francis Buta
I had the absolute pleasure of working with Maya Hiersoux when she represented us on the sale of our house. She was referred to us by a mutual friend who highly recommended her and now I see why! From day one, she took the time to explain things to us in a way that made us comfortable with the selling process. After meeting with her, the anxiety and concerns I had were gently assuaged because I knew that I was in good, competent hands. I intuitively knew that she was looking out for our best interests and therefore she earned my trust. Plus, it was comforting to know that Maya was always a phone call away, and available whenever I had any questions or needed help with understanding the paperwork. She was always quick to respond immediately, is a good communicator, and has great interpersonal skills. Maya always said that good process drives good results and I can confidently say that our sale proves her right. If you have the opportunity to sell through her, you should take it!
Cristina Simon

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Please text me at 415.971.3559 if you have any questions.

Unlock the Open House Schedule

Unlock the Open House Schedule